Elegant wines with delicate aromas (Burgundy, Barolo, etc.)
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Volume: 670 ml, Height: 230 mm, Diameter: 110 mm

***The Cru stem is temporarily out of stock and is available for shipment at the end of December.

The Cru stems highlights the delicate aromas in single variety and truly terroir driven wines. This glass is generally best for wines that fit the profiles of Barolo, Barbaresco, Northern Rhone Syrah and Red Burgundy.

Stemware is a deeply important factor that is often overlooked by wine lovers. A wine glass isn’t just the vessel for consumption - it serves to render the wine as accurately as possible and to preserve nuance. This is just as critical to a wine experience as the proper serving temperature and prior storage conditions. Ultimately, it can be compared to experiencing music through a simple speaker versus front row in a hall made for acoustics - the experiences are radically different despite the music being the same. Many find it surprising to see firsthand how much a wine glass influences the perception of a wine. When proper stemware is experienced, it becomes hard to discount.

Co-founded by Swiss native Alexander Mackh and American native Chris Freemott, Grassl Glass is a legitimate "new player" in the sought after mouth-blown stemware segment. Alexander is also the CEO of Austria's Alpine Cellar, while Chris is a veteran of the industry, having also worked with Zalto glasses - serious credentials, indeed.

In only a few years, they have built a presence in fourteen countries and have established a long list of high profile grower converts in Piedmont, Burgundy, and Bordeaux (including Domaine Roulot, and Etienne Sauzet, to name a few).