Stemless/Water (6-Piece)

Ideal for any beverage and young, medium or light bodied wines
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Volume: 300 ml, Height: 105 mm, Diameter: 80 mm

The Stemless/Water glass is an excellent all purpose wine and beverage glass with durability suitable for everyday use. It is ideal for young, medium or light bodied wines. 

*Stemless/Water is available in 6 stem intervals.

Stemware is a deeply important factor that is often overlooked by wine lovers. A wine glass isn’t just the vessel for consumption - it serves to render the wine as accurately as possible and to preserve nuance. This is just as critical to a wine experience as the proper serving temperature and prior storage conditions. Ultimately, it can be compared to experiencing music through a simple speaker versus front row in a hall made for acoustics - the experiences are radically different despite the music being the same. Many find it surprising to see firsthand how much a wine glass influences the perception of a wine. When proper stemware is experienced, it becomes hard to discount.

Co-founded by Swiss native Alexander Mackh and American native Chris Freemott, Grassl Glass is a legitimate "new player" in the sought after mouth-blown stemware segment. Alexander is also the CEO of Austria's Alpine Cellar, while Chris is a veteran of the industry, having also worked with Zalto glasses - serious credentials, indeed.

In only a few years, they have built a presence in fourteen countries and have established a long list of high profile grower converts in Piedmont, Burgundy, and Bordeaux (including Domaine Roulot, and Etienne Sauzet, to name a few).